Monday 26 December 2011


I know christmas eve was a few days ago but i just wanted to share our little advent activity. Day 24, lets make cakes for father christmas!

We made up some chocolate, orange and spice cupcakes with squeeze orange juice buttercream icing. Elle decorated her own and left three of them out for father christmas. We then went out the front of the house and sprinkled reindeer food mixed with glitter on the path so father christmas and ruldoph could find our house. We were joined by our lovely neighbours and it was really magical. Something we will be doing each year!

I will be blogging about our christmas but right now, we have had to cut our family celebrations short as both girls have come out in chicken poxs!! Mia also turned 9 months on christmas eve, so i shall be sharing her 9 month post this week also.

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