Friday 11 November 2011


1. I am 25 and i live in a town in the middle of England.
2. I am the eldest of 6
3. I am my most happiest when i am surrounded by family
4. I got married a week before my 21st birthday and spent my 21st in Mauritius on our honeymoon
5. I moved in with my husband one day after we started dating. I guess you know when it is meant to be!
6. I hate violence. If there is any violence in a film or on the tv, i get really upset and have to leave the room.
7. I am really sensitive. I have had to stop reading the newspapers now as my heart breaks everyday reading sad stories
8. My favourite films are: The children of green knowe, A fairytale: A true story and a walk to remember.
9. I am recite the whole of labyrinth to you!
10. My sister is my best friend
11. I lived with my grandma for four years when i was a teenager.
12. I am such a country girl. I dream of living in the country and owning chickens and ducks
13. I cant help but buy any type of baking magazine and country life magazines
14. I dont drink achohol
15. I am very naieve. I believe almost eveything people tell me.
16. I let people control me. If someone said to me to jump, i would say how high.
17. I constantly daydream about the past. Happy days and places and memories.
18. I have 4 memory boxes just crammed full of everything and anything that has a connection to my past.
19. i love watching childrens films that remind me of being a little girl. Brambly hedge, the tales of beatrix potter and watch with mother
20. I hate housework but when my house is messy, it makes me severely depressed and sometimes angry. I feel like i am constantly cleaning or tidying.
21. I am a little obbessed with the pink floyd album "division bell"
22. I lack self confidence and even though i work in a call centre, i cannot order a takeaway or book a taxi over the phone.
23. I will take the blame for most things even if it wasnt my fault, just so i dont have to argue with someone
24. I am a bit of a doormat and i dont know how to change it
25. i love keeping journals and have books with my writings all over the house.



  1. Lovely Photos Keri! :D
    Love that you love pink floyd too! xxx

  2. i feel the same way about housework.. especially the depressed part

  3. Fact #26, you are Lovely! XXX

  4. You are adorable! And I love these photos! What do you use to edit?

  5. Great idea. I'm so going to steal it, if you don't mind. :P

    #15 - you're a good person, honey - don't feel bad for it.

  6. thank you everyone.
    Luisa, steal away :)

    Leah - for this, i used a tripod and a long exposure. I think i used an 8 second exposure and then stood in two seperate places throughout the exposure.
    i use photoshop but i really only warm up my pictures slightly or lighten them xx

  7. Hi darling, love your blog especially the photos!! <3

  8. Hi darling
    Loved these facts about you, so insightful. Some I knew, but some were new to me and that felt nice, to get to know the real you a little more.
    Though we are so far apart I still feel I know you quite well now, from seeing and reading all you share. It's funny to have not met you in person but to feel that way don't you think.
    Many of the facts are very similar to me, the sensitivity to violence in films,and on the news. Then liking the childhood films like Fairytale.And I also like keeping many journals.
    Love k xxx

  9. I am quite similar to you with the confidence thing. I can use the phone at work but can't ring people at home :( I do hate phone calls. x



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