Thursday 17 November 2011

A miracle

Today, something wonderful happened. A miracle. We have our own guardian angel watching over us.

Back in may whilst my husband worked a night shift, i was home alone with the girls. Mia was sleeping next to me in her basket and Elle was in her room. I got woken at 3am by a panicked husband. He had finished work, come home and all the kitchen cupboards were open, all the draws, our backdoor, the cellar door. We quickly realized we had been burgled. I found my baby changing back in the back garden with the contents thrown around and my purse (along with quite abit of money) had been taken. We didnt see anything else stolen and after phoning the police, we were just reliefed that nothing else had been taken.

Thats when Gilles realised his wedding ring was missing. The evening before, he took of the ring and put it on the kitchen side so he could bleach the floors. I knew the ring was there and i remember before going to bed seeing the ring. I didnt think about moving it as i just didnt evern think we would get burgled and i knew Gilles would just put it back on in the morning. We were both devasted and out of anything that could have been taken, that was the most precious.

Today, i decided to look through all my little baskets on my dressing table and got out an old box full of my hair bows that i hadnt looked in for atleast a year. I took them out and hiding right at the bottom on the basket was Gilles wedding ring!!!

I am shell shocked. I have no idea atall how it got in the basket and i 100% know it was in the kitchen when i came to bed that evening. It is Gilles birthday tomorrow so i just know that this is going to make his day even more special.



  1. That's so awesome that it didn't get taken!!

  2. How wonderful to find his ring!

  3. awww thats so lovely!! Im very happy for you sweetheart :) x

  4. Perfect timing!! :) Hope your day is amazing!

  5. Lovely news. However it got there, it was obviously your guardian angel who prompted you to have a sort-out of baskets yesterday!

  6. wow thank God nothing else happened and that the you found your hubby's ring! Found you through Snow in December. Following along:)



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