Wednesday 23 November 2011

8 months

This little fairy is turning  8 months in just a few hours. Oh, please! Where has the time gone?

Dear Mia,

8 months..!!! 8 months............!!
Its hard to remember what life was like before you arrived.

You are sitting up. I cannot leave you sitting right now though as those little tummy muscles are not strong enough to hold yourself up for too long, but you love sitting and looking around at everyone.
You are trying to crawl. You get yourself up on all fours and rock. Sometimes you try to bring a knee forward, but you just fall down on your button nose. But don't give up, you are so close.
We have a fourth tooth coming and boy, those little pearlies are so adorable. You love flashing them at every moment possible.
You one hundred percent do NOT like sleeping. You used to sleep right through when you were next to me in your basket, but we had to put you in your own room and now you just hate it. You end up next to me in our bed every single night. 2am is your new favourite playtime. I have had to start putting socks over your little hands so when you do sleep in with us, you dont pull mummies hair! You seem to love that aswell as shaking your head as fast as you can so you end up nutting me. I love you so much, but being constantly nutted at 5am is not really what i enjoy.
You have such a funny little dance. You can pop your chest and shake your head AND wiggle your hips all at the same time. Your daddy and i think its the funniest thing we ever saw. You always end up giggling along with us. You just love having an audience and making everyone around you laugh their heads off.
You can say hi and sometimes hiya. You watch us so closely when we talk to you and try and mimick our sounds. This morning you were trying to say dummy.
Your favourite food is yoghurt and blended bananas. You love your water and you still love your milk.
I am just in love with your porcelain skin. When you sleep, you look so fragile and like you might just break in two. You are just perfect and your sister, your daddy and i love love love you so much.
Thank you for making the last 8 months just so amazing.




  1. What a perfect little face she has! x

  2. Congratulations, she's such a beauty!

  3. Such a pretty fairy! Happy 8 months specail little girlie.

    This shows how different kids are, as my Joshy is already crawling and standing at 7 months but he has no teeth what so ever and Josh isn't much of a talker.



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