Tuesday 4 October 2011

Teaching her to bake

I asked Elle what she wanted to do this afternoon, and i was secretly really happy when she said she wanted to bake! We had a little talk about what she might like to make and scones where on the list! In particular, flower and heart scones! She carefully selected her cutters and got her sleeves rolled up.
I would love her to grow up wanting to bake, wanting to photography. If i could teach her these things and her love doing them, i'd be the happiest mummy.
She made these herself, with a little direction from me. She cut out the flowers and hearts and placed them on the tray. And her reaction when the timer went off? "mummmmmmy mummmmmmy, the scones are readyyyyy, quick quick, lets run to the kitchen together!" And we did. And we might have had a little jumping around dance too :)

My little baker.



  1. she looks like shes having a lot of fun! an the scones look really yummy.

  2. And they were really yummy - She saved one just for me. It was a flower. I ate it all up and wrote a Thank You note!



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