Monday 24 October 2011

7 months

oh my!! 7 months!

You are the most amazing little thing. I couldnt love you anymore than i do now. You are so contented, laid back and you really take some bashings from your sister! You never bat an eyelid when you get climbed on or dragged along the floor or have your face squeezed because your sister is so excited to see you! You just smile your goofy little smile at her and i can see the love you share pouring out of you both.

You have started on solids this week. Its taken a while. We have been trying you on little bits for the last two months but you have been refusing. I have never known a baby to clamp their mouth shut and refuse to take food, but you did and you had your mummy so worried. You lost alot of weight so quickly and i felt like i was failing you. I constantly heard your tummy rumble and knew you were hungry but we just didnt get anywhere with this weaning malarky. But you just suddenly started eating! and i am so happy about that.  You love sandwhiches and bananas and rice cakes the best. You have completely skipped the puree phase and you want proper food. You had tuna and pasta this evening!

You are not sleeping as well now though. You are waking in the middle of the night so upset and i just cant help but scoop you up and bring you in with us. You seem to sleep so soundly next to me and i love having you there.

Oh boy, you have discovered the backwards crawl! You lift yourself up with your arms straight and then scoop yourself backwards. You are nearly on your knees. You are trying so hard and i love watching your little face trying to figure all this out.

So its 4 months until you are a whole year old! Please can you stay at 7 months for a few more years? i am not ready for you to grow up just yet.

My heart is bursting with love for you darling and i want to say thank you for making the last 7 months so perfect.

I love you Mia Isobel.

Mummy x

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  1. Sooooooooooooooooo CUTE .. she is such a pretty little girl, happy 7 months old Mia!

  2. Voted!
    She's so adorable, and has the most beautiful eyes :)

  3. She is just lovely, isn't she? Love you all very much! XX

  4. Mia you are growing up so beautifully and so quickly! 7 months already.
    These photos are just adorable Keri -Anne
    Kat xox



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