Saturday 24 September 2011

6 months

(1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months)

Happy half a birthday to my baby fairy Mia!

Not only did Elle turn three this week, Mia turned 6 months today. Heart, be still!!!

Mia is the most laid back, contented little thing. She isn't being weaned yet. We have tried a few times as Elle was such a hungry baby and started at 4 months. Mia just doesnt seem interested. Even this week, i have tried her on a few things but she just turns her head and is quite content with just milk. She is also still in her moses basket even though she is far too long for it. She just wont sleep anywhere else. I tried her in her room last night in her cot for the first time and ended up bringing her back to her basket by midnight as she just wouldnt settle in the end and would get upset. I am not rushing putting her into her own room. I dont think either of us are ready so with me she will stay.

She loves music. When there is a beat, she arches her back and pops her chest. She is also trying to crawl. She will roll onto her tummy and then rock forward or kick her legs whilst trying to push herself forward. She is even lifting up her bottom to try and get herself going.

She adores her sister! i think i write this each month but the bond is just getting stronger and stronger! She is fasinated with her and just watches her with a smile on my face. And talking about smiling, she is constantly doing it! smiling! she is such a happy little thing.

I am so so excited to see what this month brings.

Mia, happy half birthday sweetheart. We all love you so so much.

Her first 6 months



  1. Yay! Happy Six Months to Mia! I Love those Big Blue Eyes and that cheerful little face. So gorgeous!

  2. Aww Happy Half Birthday !! So adorable x x x

  3. Oh, she's adorable!!!
    These pictures are the cutest thing :P

  4. Great pictures, great baby. So precious!

  5. oh my gosh.. you didn't just post those pictures! cutest ever!
    lov lov love!

  6. Happy half birthday yay! She is precious.

  7. She gets more gorgeous with every month! I love her smile!!!



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