Thursday 22 September 2011

2 weeks

Two weeks i have been on instagram! And i am one follower away from 100 followers! Thanking you all. If you havent added me yet, lets me friends? :gingerlillytea

I have so much i want to write here this week. I want to add both birth stories here, write more about Elle's birthday (and share with you the pictures she took of her day on her new camera!!). I want to share more about myself as i find that i havent really written much about who i am.

The last two weeks have been  little scary for me. A few months ago, i started experiencing the most intense pains in my head! I suffer from migraines as it is but these are so much stronger and completely paralize me. The only way i can describe it, is labour in the head! i have these popping pains and shooting pains and throbbing contracting pains. They make me want to slam my head against a wall to relieve the pressure!
I went to the doctor to see what he suggested. He did a few neurological tests on me and felt my spine and neck and sent me off the next morning for a blood test. Now, i am NOT very good with needles as it is and for this test, i had to fast for 16 hours before hand. I was fine until the lady started taking blood, where i then proceeded to completely passout and was put on a bed. I must have been out for a while as i started having vivid dreams and a feeling like i was being sucked into a vortex in the bed. I woke to two nurses staring straight down at me, ginger biscuits in their hands at the ready!

I went back to the doctors yesterday and he is now referring me for a MRI scan. A little scary i must say. I am trying to stay positive as it could be completely nothing but i shouldnt have googled what happens during a MRI scan, as i have completely freaked myself out! As the scan is taking pictures of my brain, i could be in the tunnel for up to 90 minutes. Hmmm!

For the time being, i am on strong beta blocker tablets which seem to be making me feel so hunrgy all the time but sick all the time too. I just hope i dont need to stay on them too long.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day.

p.s thank you for all your lovely comments on the video! i completely hate my voice but you all made me smile with your comments! Maybe i should do a vlog soon? x



  1. absolutly love all of these instagrams! hope you feel better soon.

  2. You hate your voice? Have you watched the video? Your voice is awesome!! Adorable, even! :0) So is Elle's. :0)

    Hon, I am going to be praying for you about your head and your upcoming MRI scan. I am so sorry about the terrible pain...that sounds awful! Just awful!!

    One last thing: How am I to get the crochet earrings to the winner of your giveaway?

  3. I love the photos.. They all look so dreamy.. Well, I am not sure what Instagram is? Tell me :)

  4. HAHA Jamie, thanks darling!

    Marina, its a photo app on iphone where you can upload your pictures to a social website and like and comment on others x

  5. You have the best collection of photos. *Love*



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