Friday 5 August 2011

treat trip

Elle has been dry during the day and night (praise the lord!) so we promised to take her on a treat trip this morning. She asked to go to the disney store.

so, mummy got ready..

 and Mia got ready..

and Elle and Daddy got ready for our big treat trip..

We planned to buy her one toy and she picked out the tangled dress straight away. She carried it around the store whilst getting excited at everything else.

And then.... this happened..

And with a sweet face like that, how could we say no. SO she ended up with the doll too. oops!

But she deserved it. We are SO proud of her. We love you darling Elle xx


  1. That is just so cute. I wish I was small enough for a Tangled dress. I adore that movie...did I mention that my birthday party was a Tangled theme? Haha I turned 23...


  2. awww, too precious! and congrats on your little baby girl growing up! :)

  3. so cute!!! I love the pictures of her in her matching dress and doll :) and little mia's outfit is beautiful too!!!

    x x

  4. Oh look at that sweet little fairy! She's just are her mummy, baby sister and her daddy too!
    So glad you had a lovely time and well done to Elle - she really deserves her presents.
    Love the dress and the fab dolly!

  5. Aww this has just brightened up my day!

  6. This is precious, what a sweet, beautiful girl!



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