Thursday 4 August 2011

Thats sew lovely v.2

My newst project: BUNTING!

Mia has begun teething. Oh my! i forgot how awful it is when those first little teggies start to come through. She woke at 5am, refused to be nursed, refused to be cuddled and refused to go back to sleep. After some calpol and bongela teething gel, we put on Essie Jain and she lay next to me until it was time for her daddy and sister to wake.
And because of this unsociable hour waking, she is fast asleep on her playmat so mummy got a little time at the sewing machine!

Of course, i just HAD to make bunting, being as i am so obbessed with it. I actually have no idea where i shall put it as there are buntings of every kind all around the house. Both girls have two lots in their rooms already. I think i shall put this one on our bed post above our heads. I used the same material as Elle's bloomers and some pretty pale pink lace as the joining. Again, its not perfect and i have so much more to learn and pratice but voila!



  1. ooh lovely, do you a link on how to make them at all? I hope little one gets better soon, that is probably why she was burning up the other day poor dot.

  2. Hi from Stopping by from the Alexa drop hop :D Great site! I left you a review and am now a GFC follower Leanne109.

  3. Love this, just so pretty xx

  4. So maybe THAT'S why she was feverish!! Teeth coming in!! I had been praying for her. Seriously, sick kids make any mother worry worry worry so I knew exactly how you must have been feeling.
    Beautiful bunting! I wish I could sew. I always say of these days I'll do something about it and take some classes or something.

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I've visited yours several times over the last couple of months and I really enjoy seeing pics of your sweet family. I'm your newest follower. :)

  6. Well done you! The bunting looks so lovely!

    I hope Mia's tooth is through now, poor baby. I will look up the name of the teething remedy my friend used; she said that once they used it, their little girl had no more teething problems, so it would at least be worth a try? I'll look it up tomorrow and sent you its name.

  7. Wow thats so pretty, I love the material.
    I have a wisdom tooth coming out so I can totally sympathise with poor little mia! Hope she feels better soon :)



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