Tuesday 16 August 2011

polaroid love.

Before i had the girls, i would spend my days riding my bike through the countryside, taking polaroids of anything i found beautiful and sitting in woods or fields writing and drawing. I have taken around 300 polaroids in total and i just wanted to share a few of my little collection.
Some days i really miss the freedom of just taking off whenever you feel like it and just spend hours and hours reading under a tree or drawing the flowers without having to worry about where the girls are or what they need or giving them all your attention.
It it lovely now though that i can share these times with them as they grow older. Their daddy likes fishing, and i can just see me and the girls with our sketchpads or books under a big willow tree, while their daddy catches little fish in the river. Its so exciting to think of all the lovely summer days ahead.

I would love to buy Elle a camera for her birthday this year. I have told her that i will keep every picture she takes and then make up photo books for her to look back on when she is older. A childs imagination is one of the most wonderful things in the world. I cannot wait to take Elle and Mia out and ask them to photograph anything they find beautiful and see what they photograph.

                                            (taken from one of my journals that one day i will share with you all)



  1. I feel exactly same about when my little one get's his first camera. It will be magical. Hope you get some time to sit under the trees this summer, mummy only time is precious.

  2. I love the feel of your polaroids Keri-Anne, I think that they'd make a beautiful book on blurb. I agree so much. It's such a long long time since I had the freedom to just go out and walk & be. I think though that different times in our lives bring us different gifts. And like you say seeing the world through the girls eyes will be one such precious gift.
    Imagine then making those photos into little books for them to look back on. It would be such a source of creativity for them even when they're older.
    I look forward to seeing more of your polaroid moments as time passes
    Thank you again for my giveaway prize - I'll be blogging about it
    Love n wishes
    Kat x

  3. Gorgeous! I love Polaroids.


  4. aw, These are gorgeous!! Love, love, polaroids :)
    Happy Tuesday!



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