Sunday 14 August 2011

Her first bike

Elle got her first bike today. We saw it at the carboot sale this morning and just had to buy it. She rode it up and down the street and put her Lola doll in the seat at the back. Isn't it just so lovely, with the tassles and doll seat?
We were planning on getting her a bike for her birthday which is a month away but she has now gotten it early and we shall just get her a helmet and pads to open on her birthday morning (along with other little pretties of course).

It has been a lovely but very tiring weekend. Yesterday, we visited my aunty and uncles's house for lunch and dinner and today we woke up early to go carbooting followed by a little festival in my town and then visiting the in laws.
Mia is teething though. She is normally such a contented, happy baby but has been so upset and clinging. She woke around 20 times two nights ago. Because of her teeth, she has developed a cold and just cant sleep. I have just had to battle to get her down to sleep now but she has woken twice already and has only been down for fifteen minutes. It is going to a very long and sleepless night, i can tell! My poor little girl.

P.s Please don't forget the GIVEAWAY i am holding. the lovely shabbylife photography is offering two of her prints. It takes seconds to enter so what are you waiting for???



  1. She looks so lovely on that little bike :)


  2. Gorgeous bike! I'm sure Elle is thrilled to bits - Lola looks pretty pleased as well!
    Do they do dollies' bike helmets, I wonder?

    Poor Mia - hope she gets a good night's sleep (and you!). Did you try sloping her mattress, so she could breathe better?

  3. So cute, she is so pretty <3 xxx

  4. What a sweet bike!! just so you know, I'm doing a little feature on your blog tomorrow!! It'll be good :)

  5. Beautiful bike, beautiful daughter!!! Poor Mia with the teething... My baby is 8 months old and still no sign of teeth. Not that I WANT the teething, mind you! :0) Hang in there.
    Is car booting like yard sailing?

  6. Yes I did aunty but karvol seems to be doing the job now.

    Thank you Laura

    Jamie, its where loads of people put up tables in a field and just sell things they don't want anymore. Xx



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