Tuesday 19 July 2011

The T world: v2

I am so happy to report that after a week of toilet traing Elle, there hasn't been a single accident to 4 days! i am not even having to prompt her or place her on the potty. She is just taking herself off to the potty or toilet, doing her business, washing her hands and then jumping up and down in excitement to tell me what she has done. She then gets a little gold star to wear each time she goes.

I am so so proud of her. In the last two weeks she has just suddenly become a little girl infront of my eyes. She walks everywhere now. I dont use the double buggy atall plus she isnt using a highchair either. She sits on the big chair at our table.

All this growing up is hearting my heart! She is 34 months today! I am just so glad i have a baby. It kind of cushions the blow a little.

Elle Kate Louise. You are growing up to be such a wonderful, clever little girl and i love you with all my heart.



  1. What a clever little girl - and I love her dress in the first photo! x

  2. What a clever girl! You must be very proud of her. They do grow so fast don't they!

  3. LOVE the light in these photos! Beautiful.

  4. Oh you take BEAUTIFUL photo's!!!

  5. Well done on the toliet training and these pictures are seriously beautiful! x



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