Sunday 17 July 2011

Thats sew lovely

Don't you just LOVE frilly pants on little girls!

"Thats Sew Lovely" is a new feature on my blog. I received a sewing maching for my birthday. I have always wanted to make clothes for myself and the girls but sewing and dress making just confuses me completely. I cannot get my head around it! My aunty over at Lizziemade bought me two wonderful books that basically tells you everything about sewing and machines and is also going to help me get started! She has bought me some wonderful fabric to start making little frilly pants and bloomers and i cannot wait to rustle some up. I am hoping i will start to be able to just sew up some dresses and skirts using lovely floral and vintage fabrics! Its such an exciting prospect and i am also so excited about going to the charity shops and hunting for lovely material to make the girls little bits. I always find that the highstreet shops dont have clothes in that i would dress the girls in. I love frilly pants, bloomers, floral dresses, rompers etc and clothes nowadays for little ones seem to be so grown up and modern!

I will be showing you all the things i have made through this feature and i am hoping by this time next year, i will be a pro at sewing!! Heres hoping!

p.s Here is my entry for the Paper Mama black and white photo contest

The Paper Mama



  1. I completely agree. Little girls should be little girls, not mini adults. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your creations!

  2. Great idea. I am also a wannabe sew-er... I have no machine but I am working on a dress with a friend. I'd love to follow along with you as you learn to sew! PS: Your girls are absolutely precious. But, of course, you know that!

  3. Hi I was wondering if you could perhaps give the names of the two books you have as I have got a sewing machine that I got for my birthday 2 years ago which I am still yet to use!
    That would be much appreciated, thankyou.

  4. Hello Simone,
    yes of course

    "weekend sewing" by heather ross
    "me and mysewng machine" by Kate Haxell




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