Friday 15 July 2011

Essie Jain

I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m just a baby, a baby, a baby, baby

I’ve got your love from the start
I’m the way, I’m the way, I’m the way you made me

Hold me in close to your heart
And just rock me, rock me, rock me gently

A few days ago, i saw a blog post over at projectbaby about a giveaway of the new Essie Jain album - until the light of morning.
I listened to the previews of the songs and instantly fell in love. Instead of waiting to see if i had won the giveaway, i bought it there and then!
Now Mia is such an easy baby except when it comes to bedtime. She fights and fights. i feed her, then rock her then feed a little more. Then rock. Then pace around the room with her. Then another little feed followed by more rocking and more pacing. It normally takes around an hour to get her to sleep!
This evening, i played the album in the background and i just became so overwhelmed. I just wanted to cry and cry. Mia was staring up at me as i rocked her with the most innocent blue eyes and she was just so content in listening to the music and staring at her mama.
i held her tightly to my chest and hummed along to the music. I couldnt believe it when Mia started making tiny little noises along with the music too. I could feel my heart flipping and flipping and i kept getting the most overwhelming rushes of love through my whole body for this tiny little person.
Her breathing became so deep and eventually she fell asleep with my head on my heart. I didnt want to put her down. I just wanted to hold her forever just like that. All swaddled in the grow bag and all content and milk drunk. It felt like the days when she was growing inside me and i would just curl my arms around my bump everynight to protect her and try and show her i loved her so much already.

If you think one of your most favourite moments in the day is rocking your tiny one to sleep, then this album is for you. It just makes the moment so much more magical and heart melting.

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