Tuesday 26 July 2011

birthday planning

The 19th September is Elle's 3rd birthday. I am in the process of starting to plan her party. I am thinking of having a "ruffle and bunting" theme. She has asked if we can set off chinese lanterns for her birthday like in tangled, so on the evening of her birthday, we shall be taking her to the lake to set of the lanterns. During the day of her birthday, we are visiting he zoo which she asked for also.
I just cannot believe that my little Elle is going to be three! That isnt even really a toddler anymore! She is now toilet trained, walking everywhere and sits at the table instead of her highchair. All we need to do now is tackle the dummies! We have already told her that she will be giving them to the dummy fairies when she turns 3 and that they will leave her a present! Not really sure how that will go down though :/



  1. Love the inspiration photo's. Very cute!!

  2. That is too adorable! I love the pictures and the fact that she wants to set off lanterns like Tangled. I turned 23 this year and had a Tangled birthday party! Guess you're never too old for some things ;)


  3. Aww that looks adorable! I haven't seen tangled but I think I might have to now.

  4. Beautiful plans for a special turning 3 day!
    Can I ask how you did the collage darling?
    It's beautiful
    Kat xx

  5. Thank you.

    Kat, I used fotoflexer.com. and did it in the layers tab xxx



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