Thursday 16 June 2011

12 weeks

Mia is 12 weeks today. She is 11lbs 9ozs. Off the chart for height! She is in 3-6 month clothes already as she is just so long. She is now giggling. She hates tummy time! And we have made a breakthrough this week. I have had to nurse her wearing silicone sheilds as she couldnt latch. We were sent to the hospital when she was two weeks old to have a suspected tongue tie cut but the consultant told us her tobgue was fine. She just couldn't latch but this week we managed to feed without them and she is now taking all her feeds with no shields. I feel so happy and a little sore now but i feel so happy i can finally throw away those horrid silicone things!!
Today she has her injections. Not until late afternoon so i am working myself up a treat!



  1. She is so lovely, Keri-Anne! Such big and gorgeous eyes. Love these photos! Such a cute hair-band.

    It's great news about her feeding and fun to hear how tall she is. I'm sure her injections will go fine - give her a feed straight after and she'll forget all about it!


  2. I love her expressions in each of the picture! All very similar but slightly different and all SUPER adorable haha!

    New follower from the alexa hop :)

  3. I too am a new follower from The Spearmint Baby recommendation. Absolutely adorable blog! Your photos are priceless!




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