Monday 2 May 2011

bluebell fairy

My beautiful bluebell fairy.
After Elle missing out on thursday at the bluebell woods, my friend Paul came down from cheshire and we visited the abbey to catch the last of the bluebells there. She was so excited to see them and sat amongst them for a while. We had a lovely time. Elle wanted to show Paul her special horse field that she likes to go to so we walked there also and then back into the abbey gardens to do some exploring!

When we returned home at 3pm, i started feeding Mia. It is now nearly 9pm and we are still feeding, on the same feed! I just dont know what to do. She seems to want to feed and feed for hours and hours at a time with hardly any breaks in between atall. i have been feeding for nearly five hours now. i had to put her down to do Elle's dinner, which she screamed the whole time through, and then after Elle's dinner, i had to bring both into my bed and watch Lion King with Elle whilst feeding Mia. Elle is now fast asleep next to me and Mia is still going.
I am sure it is something to do with my milk. She just doesnt ever seem satisfied on it. And she isnt gaining pounds and pounds so i know she isnt just a hungry baby who just wants to eat all day. I have to use shields to feed her as she has problems latching and i am worried the shields are slowing everything down. I cant feed without them as she wont latch and i dont want to give up breastfeeding atall. I am just not sure what to do for the best and wish there was an answer. When i fed Elle, she fed for half an hour every four hours. It was easy and i had so much time to do other things. She would sleep throughout the day which Mia doesnt.

I am hoping i can get her off to sleep very soon as i am one hungry mummy who needs some food!!

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  1. I hope the feeding issues get better for you. I had the hardest time in the beginning with Elle. I too had to use shields and every other product imaginable. Four weeks later, we got through it. Truly hope it gets easier for you and keep posting those beautiful photos of your beautiful fairies :)



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