Sunday 8 May 2011

Babiekins magazine

Babiekins magazine. One of my favourite childrens magazine. Elle was featured as a "meet my babiekin" in a previous issue.
Issue five has just been published and it is so wonderful. The photography and clothing!! i love it all. i wanted to share some wonderful pages from the magazine:

I am hoping within the next few weeks, to have a lovely new layout. i am awful at html and design so i am hoping to get some help from a few friends of mine who DO know all the technical stuff!

Today has been lovely. A walk along the water with my two girls. Mia in her moby wrap and Elle pushing her baby in her pram. We saw a heron and visited the marina. Elle also saw some new ducklings which seemed to follow us on our walk. It was then home for some time in the garden and Elle's favourite movie, Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue!




  1. I can see why you love Babiekins so much Keri-Anne.
    These images are gorgeous, I especially love the ones in the fields & the clothes are amazing too aren't they!
    Dreams are made of this!
    Kat x

  2. Thanks for sharing this magazine! I am so very excited to read it :) Loving your blog by the way..

    New follower from the Alexa blog hop! Please stop on by..



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