Saturday 4 February 2023

Life lately

Oh my goodness! It has been nearly a year.

I would love to come back to this space regularly again. I have so much to share. I had a little hiccup with my domain name. I accidently forgot to renew for the year and realised after a few days but by then, the url had already been snapped up by a selling site so I quickly bought the url and I shall be checking weekly to see if the .com orginal address comes back available. All my site traffic and links I built up over the years are all gone but I am keeping everything crossed that I get it back! I know the yearly renewal date I need to watch out for and hope to snap it up before it is renewed again.

Last year was an amazing year creatively. I really found my style again in my work and I am so proud of the photographs and film clips I created. I am sharing some of my favourites throughout this post and hope to share a lot more soon. I have so many adventures to magical and beautiful places planned this year which I cannot wait to share with you all! 

I have a big year ahead of me. I am manifesting a lot of things that I shall be sharing about along the way. I have a few big goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year and I just hope I manage to get there.

Lastly, If you are still here and reading, thank you! Blogging was always my most favourite thing. I love writing but with popular social media sites taking of, blogs seemed to be something people were not interested in anymore. One of my goals this year is to blog regularly and share my work and build up my site again. So thank you to everyone who is here and reads. It does mean the world :)



  1. Your blog, you’re aesthetic, your art, you, are a wonderful balm 🤍

    1. Thank you so very much for such a lovely comment :)



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