Wednesday 17 November 2021

Cottagecore Christmas gift ideas


The air is getting cooler and the Christmas magic is coming. I have been spending some time putting together some ideas for some Cottagecore inspired gifts this year that you might want to purchase for others or for some ideas for yourself! 

The first item is 'Escape into Cottagecore' by Ramona Jones. I own this book and it is full of lovely ideas on recipes, gardening, crafting, photography and decorating. I spent a few lovely days sat in the garden in the summer reading this book.  It is perfect for anyone that would love to embrace the cottagecore lifestyle!

This botanical bedding is just beautiful! I have a set very similar and I love having it on the bed all year round. It is so pretty!

Moving on from bedding to a dreamy floral wall hanging. My daughter has a few wall hangings in her room and they can transform a space so easily! I adore this one so much.

I love reading and writing by candlelight and these candlestick holders are perfect to carry around the house with you or to have on the mantelpiece or bedside table to create a cosy and magical atmosphere.

I have many PJ Redoute rose prints around my home. I love to display them on the walls and they are just so delicate and pretty. This book would make a perfect gift because it has cut out prints that you can frame for the wall.


One of my favourite books! Little Women. This is a lovely tale of the four March sisters. I would really recommend you read this. The movies are also lovely and my favourite is the new version with Florence Pugh in. 

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