Sunday 20 June 2021

Two little writing desks

I posted a few weeks ago about my ebook that I have released. It has been wonderful to finally have some of my stories out there for people to read. I have wanted to publish my work for a long time and I am so glad that I was brave enough to finally do it!

After I released the ebook, I set about trying to get my tales published in a physical book but came across the problem that I hadn't enough pages to be able to submit and publish. I decided to write a couple more tales and released the physical book later in the summer. I didn't want to put any pressure on myself to have a deadline and have been taking it slow, scribbling down ideas here and there and trying to imagine the setting and characters. It is only a few more weeks until we break up for Summer and I have been getting all my pieces of paper together and ideas together so I can spend some days writing my new fairytales. 

In my house, I have two writing desks. An old bureau down in the dining room and a dressing table in the bedroom. I love to sit at both and write. I love to sit at dressing table late in the evenings so I can put my candles on and feel all cosy but, during the day, I prefer my bureau. I do find though that moving between two desks means I am forever leaving notebooks or bits of scribbled on paper behind. I would love a moving storage system such as the smartbox office storage to carry all my notebooks and papers to and fro!

I am so excited for these writing days and to finally be able to get a physical copy of my book in my hands. I shall of course be sharing when that will be available :)



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