Sunday 16 May 2021

My fairytale book

Back in February, I finished and published my first fairytale ebook. The Tale of The Windmill Mice and The Tale of Rosemary and Oak. 

"A Tale of The Windmill Mice" is a story of three mice who adventure over the fields to find where the strawberries and flowers grow. I originally came up with these mice characters when I was a little girl and would cycle over to the windmill near my house. I imagined the mice living underneath the stone base. I always think of them when I visit the windmill and, now, I have created a story of them. The town mouse, Violet and Bramble. The Windmill Mice.

"A Tale of Rosemary and Oak" is a story of true friendship. Deep in the forest lives a little elf who is lonely and an outcast. There also lives a mermaid who is trapped at the bottom of a pond. This story is an adventure of how they create a magical and wonderful life for themselves with the forest animals and amongst the wild flowers. I came up with this story over time. I love quite walks by myself deep in the forest and I let my imagination run wild. It was only natural to create characters who lived deep in the forest also.

When I started to put together the ebook, I thought really hard about the illustrations. I cannot draw or paint. I looked on a few websites like fiverr for someone to illustrate the book. I was talking with Mimi about it and Mimi loves painting and wants to be an artist. I asked her if she would collaborate with me on the book and she used her watercolours to paint. I love how they turned out and it was such a lovely thing having my daughter involved in the book too. 

If you are interested in reading the fairytales, the Ebook is available on my Etsy here. I am currently working on a physical copy which will have a couple more tales in. I shall write about when that is published.


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