Thursday 23 April 2020

Renovation part 1 - Garden

Hello! I am excited to bring this little blog project to you. After having to leave our rental house in September and moving in with family, we finally have a new house. It was supposed to be a couple of months but things didn't work out for us. I feel so lucky to have this house but every room needs renovating. Gilles has been doing 12 hour days at the house and it is looking so lovely! We will be able to move in a few weeks.

I wanted to start this little blog project to document the before and afters for the house and to share our ideas. As we are in lockdown, there are a few things we cannot do or get before we move in so they will be a working progress once things have returned to normal. One of the big things for us is the garden. It is big and we have many plans for it. The garden is split into two parts. We have the long grass at the front and then there is a higher part at the back where there is currently a shed and then some lovely fir trees. Here are some before photos when we first got the keys.

So let me start with our plans.

Outhouse - On the back of the house there is a little brick outhouse. It isn't very big at all but I am going to put a thin unit along the wall for starting up potting plants and it will also be used to hang flowers to dry. We will be putting in an old window in the brick so I can look out at the garden. There is electric in there so that is very handy if I want to sit in there to work or have a little lamp. On the outside of the outhouse wall, I would love a potting bench. I am going to find an old dresser and use it to have some plants on and my clay pots. 

Lawn - There is a lot of grass which means a big space for the girls to play. Along the right side of the garden, we will make a long border for all my cottage wild flowers and then try and keep the main lawn space free. Elle loves to play football and it means they can sit out there for picnics and dinner also. We have also thought about making a part of that space artificial grass for their play area. We have lots of options here and I think we will just see how the space works for us over time and adapt the use if we need to.

Vegetable garden - The end of the garden is what excites me the most. Gilles wants to grow vegetables and I want a wild flower cottage style garden so we are mixing the two together. Currently, there is an old shed that was left and, until I find a wooden cabin style shed, I will be painting and doing it up to have planters around it. We will have some vegetable beds with wild flowers scattered in between. I am currently growing foxgloves, lupins, delphiniums, gladioli, larkspur and hollyhocks for the back part of the garden and I will just plant as and where I feel works. We are going to make our own composter under the trees and just see how it turns out. I am going for an allotment style up there and will just work my flowers around the shed and vegetables. The very first photo in this post is my ultimate inspiration for the back. I will be added camellias, lilacs and clematis along the fences also.

Greenhouse - Primrose greenhouse will be going in front of the allotment part. We are going to have her in the middle with two arches either side that will have climbing roses and honeysuckle and little paths leading up to the back part. I cannot wait to get my greenhouse back up!!

Borders and fences - I am planning on having clematis along the top of the fences. It will take a few years to establish but that is my goal. I will have my cottage flower border where all my flowers will go from the greenhouse. I don't have any set plans for this yet. It will be a little like a plant things and throw seeds down and see what happens. 

I am so excited to get going. It will be a lot of work but I know that in a few years when everything is establised and blooming, It will be a magical space. I am constantly looking on market places etc for a cabin style shed for the back of the garden and I will use that as my own craft and writing space. I know the perfect one will come up. I, of course, will be sharing updates on the garden.

(this is a collaborative post)


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