Sunday 1 September 2019

A home update

We have been in our home for ten years. It is a home I love and have built so many wonderful memories in. My house is an old Victorian house with beautiful wooden floors and fireplaces and it makes me so happy being here.

At the end of May, we were given our notice and we have been trying to figure out what to do since. We have a month to leave and a month to plan our future and next step. At the beginning, I was devastated but I know that this is going to open up a door and I might be able to get out to the countryside like I have dreamed about for years!

We have been busy packing and looking at ways to make our move easy and as stress free as we can. Booking removal companies such as removals Kent and also have all my family on hand to help on the day also.

Throughout my home, I have created some beautiful spaces. I have shared many of them here on my blog. I hope that where ever we end up, I am able to create similar spaces.

We have a few options moving forward. With money tied up elsewhere, It would be a great opportunity to open up a way for us to save. We could move in with family to allow us to save for a deposit. It would be hard to not have our own space but sacrificing a few months to be able to get a lovely house would be worth it. A second option is taking out a loan to help fund the move. This would mean being able to move straight away. Cashlady offers short term loans which would make this option easier.

We have a couple of weeks to decide what we would like to do. I keep going from anxious to excited but I know that something wonderful could happen so I am just trying to be as positive as I can and not get stressed. I am taking one day at a time. Pack the house up a little each evening and follow what my heart is telling me.

(this is a collaborative post)

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