Monday 6 May 2019

Wild garlic foraging

I have never been in a forest where wild garlic grew before. I found out about one last year just after the seasoned past and made a note in my diary planner to visit this year. I have been counting down the weeks and, this weekend, we took a little drive to find the forest. I was holding my breath as I walked through the forest, keeping my eyes out for the carpet of white I knew i would find. It took my breath away! Gilles wanted to forage some garlic leaves to make some recipes that evening and I wanted to pick some of the flowers so we filled up the basket and I just walked through with a big smile on my face. The forest was empty and it felt like another world. I wanted to get some lovely photos of Gilles and the girls foraging but when I turned my camera on, the battery had died. I am hoping we can go back before the season ends so I can get some but I love these ones I quickly got on my phone. A lovely reminder of a beautiful adventure with my little family.


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