Saturday 11 August 2018

Displaying flowers

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that I love to create little wall features. I love to mix up botanical prints, hanging dresses and flowers. This year, I have tried to be more creative with displaying flowers and I wanted to share some of my favourite ways. The summer hasn't ended yet and I have so many more ideas that I would love to try out as well as Autumn flowers and leaves so I am sure that I shall be doing a part 2 of this post.

Back in the spring, I drove past a big lilac bush that was on wasteland. I ended up turning around and taking some cuttings to take home with me. The smell was divine and the colour was a beautiful pinky purple. When I got them home, I tried to think of a better way to display them. It was the week of my vintage shop opening and I had to take some photographs for my shop so I decided to add some nails in a line in the wall and hang up the individual sprigs using thin cotton thread. They didn't last too long but they were perfect for photographs and the smell of them in my bedroom was wonderful!

When I went to the confetti flower field, I bought a big bunch of delphiniums. They were too big to put in a vase and i knew that I wanted to do something creative with the flowers. I got together all of my little bottles, cups and trinkets and spent some time cutting the flower stems. I loved making the display and it last for around two weeks which was perfect! Even when they started to dry, they still looked so pretty and the colours really faded and gave such a beautiful, pastel scene. 

I have always wanted to try drying flowers but didn't really know much about it. This spring, I decided to research and found that it was so simple and easy. Everytime I went to the supermarket, they had slightly over rose bunches in their bargain buckets. I would pick these up, take of the leaves and tie them with twine. I hung them upside down in my closet for a few weeks until they were dry. I love the effect of them and it means that you can keep them forever! I am now experimenting with different flowers and shall be doing updated posts with how they turn out. You can see some of the dried out rose bunches below:

I bought light and dark pink as well as yellow and I love the faded colours that the roses turned.

 This is another collection of flowers i collected from my grandma's neighbours garden. I wanted to create a similar wall display for some styled photographs for my vintage shop and then i added them into some of my trinkets on my chest of drawers. I think this is one of my most favourite ways to display my flowers now. I love the array of colours and textures.

These flowers were bought from the market. The light in the evening reaches around to the back of our house and shines into our bathroom. This creates a beautiful hazy golden light because of the texture of the window. I was spending an afternoon hand washing all the vintage dresses for my shop so I created a little flower display to make me feel happy and inspired. The flowers lasted a few weeks and everytime I went into the bathroom, they made me smile. When i had baths, I would move some of them to the end of the bath to create a calming moment.

I have a few artificial bunches of flowers that i have around the house. I love to add them into vintage style bottles and use them in my displays. I have some also on top of my writing bureau. As well as bunches, I have a lot of artificial flower crowns around the house. I love to make my own and will be doing our tradition of making buddelia crowns next week. When I do make my own, they only last a few days so are only up for a short period of time. I have made quite a collection of them over the years and there really isn't a room in our house where they isn't a flower crown! 

As I said, I still have many more ideas to try out and share but I hope this post gave you a little inspiration to use flowers creatively with your interiors. Just looking around my bedroom now, I can see 16 different flower bunches displayed in some way or another! 

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  1. So beautiful.. I will have to add bargain bucket flower hunting into my repertoire when I go out. I just moved into a new flat and have really wanted to add dried flowers into the d├ęcor, so just started researching methods. I will try the closet hanging one, thank you <3



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