Sunday 12 November 2017

Their little decorations

I am going to mention the "C" word for the first time this year on my blog! I cannot help it. As soon as Halloween is gone, I just get far too excited for Christmas.

We have already had a few Christmassy days including Christmas crafts with friends, going around the shops to look at decorations and, next week, I am heading to the festive Christmas fair in Birmingham with some of my friends! We are in the Christmas swing around here and I wouldn't want it any other way.

We were sent these wonderful personalised wooden decorations from Stuck on you and the girls were so excited when they arrived. They haven't ever had personalised decorations and they were so amazed that they had decorations with their names on! They cannot wait to add them to our own tree when it is up! I love them too and I love how pretty they are. The website offers to many different products that you can personalise and I already have a little wish list of other things we would love!

(this is a collaborative post)



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