Friday 27 October 2017

Winter is coming - interiors ideas

Autumn is my favourite season but there is something so magical and beautiful about winter styling. The excitement for Christmas, the more pastel and natural colour pallets and the options to accessorize with small, understated Christmas pieces. Even as January and February come, I always love to keep a few little bits out to keep that magic alive and to also brighten up the rooms when outside can seem miserable and dark.

I always put away the tartan and autumn coloured blankets and keep out my creams and neutral colours. My Christmas colour scheme always incorporates gold (and glitter!) so i love to add little touches of that across my home. I also love to play around with rustic. In the Spring and Summer, I love to use plants and lace dresses and botanical prints as my main features but I love the rustic feel across Winter in my home. I still have those features up but I try and incorporate more cosy elements such as candles, string lights and wreaths.

I love that we have an open fire and, at the moment, I have my pumpkins and log baskets next to it but after Halloween next week, I will be adding candles, baskets of cones, more logs and a few gold glitter forest animal ornaments in there. The mantle piece always gets a good change around too. I will take down my botanical prints and add some gold glitter garlands, ivy and our rustic hessian stockings.

This year, because we have wooden floor boards, I am going to invest in a few rugs and a door stopper by our front door. We only have single glaze windows as we live in an old Victorian house and the draft can be chilling in the Winter. I am forever frozen and spend most of my evenings as close to the fire as I can! 

I am ready to embrace Winter and I am already on the hunt for little treasures to put out across the home to make it that little bit more happy and magical!


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