Thursday 12 October 2017

A few little changes

I always have a huge list of things that I would love to change in my life from health to home interiors to taking a nap once a week or to doing more after school adventures. I try and make sure i make realistic goals but the list just seems to get longer and longer with all my ideas and dreams. I wanted to share some of these ideas and also some changes that I am currently making or doing.

Health - Since the beginning of August, I have been healthy eating and exercising. I won't go too much into this just yet because it is early days and I still have a long journey ahead of me but I have seen big results :)

Writing - I love creative writing and I find it a huge outlet for my anxiety. I have been writing in my notebooks but I want to make a little time everyday to just write a few things down.

After school adventures - Every Tuesday, we go on an adventure with our best friends to a forest but I have started to neglect the other days and the dark evenings are starting to roll in. In the winter, it will be dark by the time I finish work at the school so I want to fit those adventures in now before we have months where we are unable to get out.

Work area - I currently have two jobs. I work full time as a teaching assistant and I run my own photography/blogging/filming business so, in the evenings, I do a lot of work from home. I currently just sit at my dressing table or at the end of my dining room table but i have been thinking about having an at home office space for a while now so that I can stay more motivated and focused (I am currently writing this post on the sofa while checking facebook every few mins!). I have a lot of notepads, stationary etc that I need to always have with me and they are currently scattered across different tables and in draws that I have to search for when I need them. The idea of having everything in one space and creating my own office space is very high on my list. I just feel that i have reached that stage where I need a specific area to work in. I have lots of work with my business to do and I also spend time researching and making resources for my TA job. Furniture at work is a great place to be able to find everything you will need to be able to create that office work desk space in your own home.

Filming- I have loved making lots of new creative mini films this year and I really want to keep practising and trying out new ideas and new editing styles. I don't do anything in post edit except edit the clips together and I would love to learn about filters and different transitions.

Home improvements - This list is endless. I have a few things I would love to achieve though such as sorting out our garden before the winter hits and planning out my seeds and getting them started, reading to go out. I also would like to add a glass splashback into the kitchen such as the ones from MyColourGlass. I think it would really bring the kitchen alive and we haven't done anything to the kitchen for a while so just that simple change would make all the difference! I would also love to rip up the carpet in our bedroom and have wooden floor boards in there. Gilles isn't too keen on this idea but I have promised him a lovely, fluffy rug for his feet next to his side of the bed!

Crafting - I used to craft as well as bake all the time but I cannot remember the last time I did either. It isn't for lack of passion as I really do love doing both. I just find that my time is taken up elsewhere. I find crafting and baking so therapeutic and I have some baking ideas I really want to try this Autumn and Winter and just Christmas craft ideas I want to try too!

Clothing - I really want to be more adventurous with my style. I tend to stick to dresses, tights and cardigans but i have been on depop and ebay alot recently and seen lots of things i love. I hardly ever wear jeans or trousers and I want to get some more. I will always be a dress girl but I love the idea of trying out some different styles.

So, do you have any plans or changes you want to make over the next few months? I would love to hear about them!


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