Tuesday 16 May 2017

My dream horse with Petplan

When i was really little, all i thought about was horses. I loved them so much. I would get pony magazines, cut out all the horse pictures and posters and tape them up around my room. I remember one day, i went around with a red crayon and wrote all the names i gave each horse next to them on the wall. I loved playing with my stables and one of my favourite games was to write about my own dream stable and horses. I would name all the horses i would have and draw my stable design. I did this over and over. I also remember that whenever we would drive to my grandma's house, i would count how many horses i saw in the fields on the way and make tallies in my notebook. I was so excited when i started riding lessons and i remember feeling so excited all week leading up to my lesson!

I took riding lessons until i was around 15. I even stayed on a horse livery sometimes in Germany where i would spend my days riding, mucking out the horses and getting them reading for their owners to come and ride them. It was a dream and i remember having sleep overs with the other children there in the haybale lofts! I still love horses but i haven't ridden for so long. I am so lucky now in that my sister in law has her own horse so the girls will grow up being around horses. They really are a favourite animal of mine. So free spirited and magical!

Mia loves horses just as much as i do and, recently, she was given the opportunity to design her own dream horse. She spent a few hours coming up with her design and i do love it. Of course, i had to edit out the other animals having a ride on her horse for the toy designers ;) Mia's design was then made into a real soft toy for her and when it arrived, she squealed so loudly and wouldn't let go of it! She has taken it to school and taken it on all our adventures this week! It really is her own dream toy and we love it. Even down to the little creatures she drew on it's tummy and the pink wings on it's back. It is such a special treasure for her to keep for the rest of her life and i am so grateful to the wonderful people at Petplan who made this happen for her! You can read all about the horse insurance from Petplan equine here.

(this post has been possible thanks to Petplan equine. All thoughts are my own)


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  1. I was like you, obsessed with horses when I was small. It was my special birthday treat every year to go horse riding. But alas, my parents were quite firm - a horse, not even a Shetland pony, could not fit in our tiny garden.

    Mia's horse is fabulous!



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