Monday 26 September 2016

Finding your creative language

Over the weekend, i went on a press trip to Germany and there was a wonderful and inspiring talk by Brittany from The house that lars built. There were many layers to the talk but something that Brittany said was about writing and tackling creative projects in your own language. This sentence stuck with me throughout the whole weekend and when i was on the plane on the way home, i was looking out at the clouds and the lights of the cities below and thinking about my own creative language. My voice. What makes my blog and photography me and how i can always use my language to create creative content.

Brittany suggested making a board either on pinterest or as a physical board so i spent a little time going through my boards and repinning the ones that i truly loved onto a private board. I didn't look at the board until i was finished and when i did, it was lovely to see everything that inspires me in one place. It was as i thought. Flowers, dreamy meadows, woodland animals and forests. It really is my language and voice and the style in how i approach my photography and writing.

Everyone is different and sometimes people can loose their way or their voice. They can get stuck on what to write about or become uninspired on what to take photographs off. This has been such an inspiring task for me to do.

Recently, i have found myself wondering how to move forward with content on my blog and how to create content that i love. I love to share our adventures but the girls are at school full time so i need to be able to create new and different content. It has made me want to start creating and sharing diys again and baking recipes. I want to work on more videos and work on more creative projects. I think i knew this all along but it is hard to really work out where you want to go and how to get there. I love this blog and i want to be able to share everything i love in one place.

What is your creative language? I would love to know and to talk about it. I feel even the process of figuring this out can be inspiring. I have written down a whole page of ideas in my notebook!


  1. This is such a good piece. To hear it said like that - creative language - yes, it's so true.
    I certainly can understand the language you use to communicate it and create.
    It's a language quite similar to my own I think.

    I've been taking time after reading this to think of my own creative language. And also stopping to appreciate how that's been there and been heard despite the illness preventing me from fully expressing.
    I think it's important that we value what content we put out there.
    Esp these days - now that blogs and online sharing is such a common thing.
    It's so easy to get caught in comparisons and feel lacking.
    And yet we were there from the early days! So we shouldn't feel that really, but it's easy to do.

    One thing I feel though is, when everything is hurried say on Instagram or fb, it's there for just a moment and passes. Sometimes it's good to return to blogs and pause a while.
    And sometimes it's so refreshing to come to something like your video - which has taken such time to complete - and really allow it to move you and speak to you.
    Time put into things isn't something that seems the main drive on Instagram.
    And that's ok - instant - it has a place.

    But i guess I'm just wanting to say I appreciate the time that goes into crafting something. And sometimes less is more.

    Hope this makes sense
    Luv kat x

    1. Ps
      By less is more.
      I mean there's so much content - but it's rushed or short.
      Sometimes content that's taken longer to craft or create - u might get less quantity of, but it's worth more. Maybe it's more timeless too.



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