Tuesday 8 March 2016

Mothers day

It was mothers day on Sunday and it was only the second Mothers day that my husband has been at home for since I became a mama 7 years ago. I really only had two requests. A morning bubble bath and an adventure in our favourite wood. I was so excited to go to the woods. It is a good 20 minuets drive from our house and it is my most favourite place in the world. I have been going there since i was a teenager every year when the blossoms bloomed. As we got out into the countryside, i felt so at peace and happy that i had my husband there with me on this adventure with the girls. Normally, it is just me and the girls and i was so excited to show him all the new places around the wood we had found last summer.

We went into the wood and headed to a section where there are lots of teepees. There was one that had just started to be made and the girls wanted to finish it. We all started to look for long bits of wood and, together, we finished the teepee. I do know thought that even if i went back the next day, it wouldn't be there. I have been to that section of the woods so many times and i have never seen another person, yet you can go back into there the next day and it has changed! Different teepees have been built and old ones taken down. Last summer, the girls and their friends spent a whole evening making a teepee and the next day i went back for my own adventure whilst they were at school and less than 24 hours had passed and the teepee was already taken down and three more had been made in it's place. I call the wood my labyrinth wood as you can step out of the wood and straight back in again and it has all switched around! It is so interesting and i am so curious as to who is doing it!

After we finished the teepee, we went into the middle of the wood which is full of tall fir trees. I wanted to show Gilles a new wood that was over two other meadows full of sheep and we headed to the exit to go to the other wood but as soon as we got out, there was a strange snow/ice storm! It was so heavy and we had no choice but to head back to the car. It was wonderful though and i found a huge meadow full of wonderful trees with yellow flowers on. I am taking the girls back at the weekend to explore more and take our nature books to find out what the trees are.

When we got home, i started to feel really strange and dizzy so i snuggled on the duvet watching the railway children followed by brambly hedge as Gilles made a roast dinner for us all.

It was so lovely. It was just so lovely having him home and him be apart of our adventure. He works away at the moment for 5 out of 7 days and travels internationally so we don't get much time. It is usually just me and the girls but when we get to share our favourite places with him and have him by our side, it is the most wonderful thing!


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