Friday 20 March 2015


I haven't done a "Lately" post in a while and these are my favourite sort of posts to read on other people's blogs. So here is what has been happening in the pink world lately!

- I had my hair cut! The last time i had my hair cut was when Elle was 6 months old. It is so bad of me and it really needed a trim. I use to have really long hair but my hair has been splitting and breaking over the years and has gotten shorter and shorter and looked quite stragley so i was brave and got all the ends cut off. I love the style but i will be hopefully growing it back out again now it is healthier and making sure i have regular cuts.

- We have been doing up out kitchen. It is half done and is a complete mess. Yesterday, we found some amazing reclaimed wood for some shelves which Gilles is busy fixing and making them ready to put up! We are changing everything from floor to cupboards to the wall colour. It is a big job but i cannot wait for it to be finished!

- We have had a bit of a sad time in the family. My father in law has suffered from MND over the last few years and, sadly, last week he passed away. It has been a big part of our life recently as we all come to terms with it and help each other out as a family.

- I have started a new venture as a creative product photographer and i have had quite a lot of work come in recently. It has been wonderful and has stopped me worrying slightly about what i am going to do come September when Mia starts big school. I have been enjoying having regular work and deadlines and being able to contribute to bills etc. I am very excited about this new journey and seeing where it takes me!

- Mimi turns 4 on tuesday! FOUR!!!! I am not ready for this. She is very excited of course.

- My fitness journey has been going strong and i shall be doing my monthly update next week.

- Now the weather is starting to get a little warmer, Mia and i have been able to have more days out and little adventures. Over the winter months, we kind of had to hibernate away as she suffers from a condition where she cannot regulate her body temperature which means her body turns to deep purple and is like ice. We cannot keep her outside for very long and it is painful for her. But we have been having little walks along the river to the shops and going to the park and dog walks. It has been great to get her out and i am starting to feel some fog lifting from the awful winter months. I just hope we don't go backwards and have any cold snaps as my sanity relies on warmer weather!

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