Tuesday 24 March 2015

A four year old

Dear Mia,

So today you turned 4. It has made me so sad to think that you are not a baby any more. You are an amazing, but slightly crazy preschooler who starts big school in September. You always want to be like your sister and i know you are so excited to be starting school just like her.

Even though you are four you still have a lullaby from me every night. I sing you Stay awake from Mary Poppins and you won't go to sleep until i have sung that and then repeated "night, love you, sweet dreams, see you in the morning!" at least three times before i leave the room. You like to wake in the middle of the night and sneak into bed beside us. If you are sad or have had a bad dream, i play feed the birds on my phone and you settle down, stroking my face. Every time we have that moment in the middle of the night with that song playing, it makes me want to cry. I cannot play that song now without thinking of your little face and those quiet moments when you need me the most.

You are the funniest little thing. You have me laughing all day long! I also love the way we can always tell what your mood is by your tongue. You seem to stick it out a lot when you are either happy, excited or sad. You are forever making silly noises and scrunching up your face to make us laugh. Talking about scrunching up your face, when you were a baby and i would nurse you, the very top of your nose used to scrunch together and it still does it now. It always makes me smile and i love that it still does that.

We tell you that you have disney eyes because they are so big. When we tell you that, you widen your eyes and pout your lips to make us laugh. They are so round and blue and you always seem to get your way every time you stare up at people with them. You also have the rosiest cheeks and tiny freckles across your nose. Just like your sister. I love that you both have freckles.

We had your parents evening at preschool last night and your teacher didn't say a bad word. She said you were intelligent, you could write your name and your counting was great. You are constantly coming out with things that amaze me. You are so stubborn though and really know what you want. You won't do something if you don't want to. Your teacher also said that you were really popular and had children fighting over who gets to play with you!

You still love having your nose stroked and you love it when i cuddle you from behind in bed. You still have your baby voice and i keep telling everyone that you cannot possibly go to school in September because you still have a little baby voice!

Mia, you make me so proud. I wouldn't change anything about you (well maybe the early mornings!). You are amazing, wonderful and so beautiful. Everytime i see those cute red cheeks and huge eyes, i am so thankful that you are mine. I love you x


  1. That's lovely Keri-Anne!
    She's growing so fast... four already. Happy Birthday Mia!

  2. Oh I love your photos, I love your words, it all seems so delicate and precious. I'd love to be an egg hiding in the woods for your egg hunt.



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