Thursday 12 February 2015

Elle's art wall

When Elle was younger, she created a little art wall next to her bed. Over the last year, we had decorated her room and we have now created a new feature wall for Elle. One of Elle's favourite things to do is to look for pretty pages in old books and then to decorate them slightly using glitter, buttons, fabric and pressed flowers.

When we took down the wall paper from the old wall, we had to take down all of her art work too and she kept them in her drawer. One day, she was watching me doing some rearranging on my bedroom walls and asked if she could have a few pieces of her art book pages up on her wall. She picked out the ones she wanted and arranged them on the wall. We added a polaroid of her as a toddler and a few postcards she has been given. Above the art, i made a garland last year using paper doll dresses. This corner is turning into her learning and creative corner and i cannot wait to see how Elle arranges it all. She is very much like me and has lots of different features all around her room of fairy wings, garlands, embroidery hoops, crowns and pom poms. Elle' room is my very favourite in our whole house and even Mia has started asking for things on her walls so i have been busy working on little features in her room too which i shall be sharing soon on the blog also!

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