Thursday 29 January 2015


This month has been a strange one. I wrote in my last post about my new fitness regime and healthy lifestyle and it seems to have taken over my mind a little. When i do something, i am a bit of a perfectionist and i find that i throw myself completely into things and i find it hard to do other things as well. I am so passionate about my blog and photography but as soon as i started this new lifestyle, the passion seemed to go and i just didn't feel like taking photographs, i didn't want to look at emails and i didn't really want to blog. I just wanted to concentrate on myself and had to really dig deep to rid the guilt of neglecting other things in my life. Over this last week, i have started to regain a little spark again for everything that i loved. I just needed time out to find myself, learn how to balance things and learn to organise every day tasks. I am still struggling with these things but i am just doing what i feel like on the day and going with it. I know that eventually i will be a balance for everything in my life but i am trying not to worry too much and take each day as it comes and do what makes me happy.

- We haven't really had many adventures this month as Mia has a condition where she cannot regulate her body temperature and can get cold very easily. I have been keeping us all indoors, wrapped up in onesies and dressing gowns and hoping the cold weather passes really quickly. It hasn't actually been that exciting at all this month but January has never been my favourite month and i am happy to just hibernate until it passes.

- My sister had a little boy a few days a go called Jenson. He is the sweetest little thing. I am so in love with him already and i cannot wait to see him again!

- It has finally snowed and i decided to let the girls walk home in it after school (followed by an hour hot bubble bath to warm them both up!). It made me miss out adventures and made me want to go out and take millions of photographs again but the spring will be here so soon and i just cannot wait for warmer days.

- I have been living for Thursday evenings. When you cannot go out in the evenings, date nights are a necessity!! Thursday evenings have become just that. Fajita's and Death in Paradise. It makes me ridiculously excited and i know how sad that sounds!

- I know i mentioned in my last post about my fitness but i really am enjoying working out. The workouts i do are every second day and alternate between legs with cardio, arms and abs and a full body workout. On middle days you do any other exercise so i do cardio and swimming at the gym. I just love working out and i so much prefer circuit training, cardio and swimming to going out running like i did last year. I am very impressed that i have stuck to it after a month and i am excited to see where i am in a few months times.

I am also looking forward to seeing where this blog takes me this year. Last year, i had some amazing opportunities. I am participating in a few projects again this year which i shall be talking about very soon and sharing with you. So here is to 2015. I am going to take it one day at a time.

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