Monday 8 July 2013

Photoshop actions free giveaway!

I am having the most wonderful birthday! Did you see the Belle and Boo giveaway earlier today? Did you enter?

Also today, i have the lovely Mandy Faith sharing some free photoshop actions for you all. How wonderful is that! So, i am off to finish celebrating with my family and will leave you with Mandy.

Hello dear readers of Gingerlillytea, I am Mandy Faith from ManD. I am so so happy to be able to contribute a guest post here at the sweetest blog ever!

Today, I would love to share two Photoshop presets I created last week.

 #1. Photoshop Curve, Twilight

Download Twilight here

As the name suggests, the curve works best for pictures taken at twilight, dusk, magic hour, or anything dark, preferably with a little hint of sunlight. It boosts the rays and brings out the overall colors, attaining a very dramatic effect. Opacity can be tuned down as desired!

#2. Photoshop Action, Valencia

Download Valencia here

I love the Instagram filter Valencia so much! Having the tones in mind, I tried to achieve similar effects. Of course it is not a 100% duplicate but at the very least the action helps enhancing pictures by brightening and a white wash is also added to create a slight pastel and dreamy effect. Color balance is adjustable for a more yellowish version! The action works fine on all types of pictures.

Well, I guess that's it for now! I hope you enjoy the free presets. Wishing everyone a lovely day! Mandy Faith



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