Thursday 4 July 2013

Her art

"Oooo rose bushes. Those green things are leaves. They are little rose bushes and they are so pretty and they are so pink and so cute and they are so gorgeous and they are so lovely. They are really really gorgeous. They are really gorgeous. Really really gorgeous."

"Its a turtle with purple legs, its so hard. And a boat. Its like a pillow. The boat is really pillowy. "

"That's a flower in the sky. It has some water inside of it. "

"It's a house with little rainbow bits and its so nice and rainbowy."

"Maze! It's a maze and it's so greeny. It's so tricky to get out. You don't need a map in it you don't need a trail, you don't need a path. You just need grass to help you find your way and there is even arrows on the floor. "

"That's a flower in the ocean and it's so gorgeous. It's so pretty in the ocean."

"It's a map. A pirate map for finding treasure. All those writing bits are the treasure. Every part of the world is on the map. Lots of treasure."

"That's a turtle and a boat. The boat is landing down on the turtle"

I just love asking Elle about her drawings. These are all her most recent art works and i am so impressed with how well she is coming along. She did the rose bush one today. She sat in the garden in front of the roses and drew them and ran in squealing with excitement because she was so proud of herself!

I told her, this evening, that i will take a photograph of all of her artwork and put them on here so we can look back at them and see how she progresses. She loves the idea and just hugged me. I love capturing asking her what each picture is because there is always a story. I am excited to share more work of hers next month. I will also start featuring Mia's. She loves sitting at the table with her sister and always asks for paper and a "pink cayon".


  1. I always adore the art posts :) Elle is so creative and the captions are too cute! The turtle is lovely :)

  2. I love the comments that you've repeated - it's so great to have her commentary on her work!
    The Treasure Map and the Maze are my favourites. The Roses are pretty cool too.
    Well done Elle!XX

    1. Thank you Aunty. I am so glad i have these little posts to look back on and see how her imagination worked and also see how she is progressing with her artwork :) x

  3. I love asking my little cousin about the drawings she does when I'm babysitting her. Haha their little brains are always turning. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!


    1. That is lovely. I love how their minds work too and that i have these little quotes from her xxx

  4. That's a brilliant idea! Hope it inspires your daughter to do more artwork.



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