Sunday 9 June 2013


This week has been a busy one. We have spent most of our days, during the week, going along the river and making the most of this wonderful weather that has finally come! Yesterday, i spent the day watching the carnival and helping my friend, Hannah, make up some last bits for our friends, Laura's, hen do! It was wonderful and i shall be posting about it during the week.
Today, my sister and i ran the 10k race for life in aid of cancer research. Caroline completed it in 1hr 10 mins and i completed mine in 1hr 14 mins. It was so close but she started off quicker than me and i couldn't make up that last few mins. I am so proud of myself and my sister also for completing the run. We did the 5k last year and it nearly flawed me so i am so so happy to have completed the 10k this year and i did it quicker than i thought i would. I then spent the afternoon sitting in Gilles's parent garden with the girls and my nieces. I am now a little exhausted, so i shall be heading to bed shortly!!! Happy weekend everyone.

(photos of me and Mimi taken by Hannah)


  1. Nice pics. Congrats on the running thing. Well done. HAve a great week.

  2. All your photos are so gorgeous. They actually can be used in a postcard or for a calendar.



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