Saturday 4 May 2013


This week has been lovely. Today, we spent it at my mums house playing in the garden and at the park before all having dinner together. We are going to a steam rally tomorrow which i am so excited about. It is on my summer wishlist and i just love going to these rally's. I shall be taking lots of photographs!
The other evening, we took a lovely stroll around the lake after dinner. It is wonderful now that the evenings are light and still warm enough for us to go out on walks.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. x


  1. Yay for more photos of you and G in the round ups :)
    Lovely to see, especially this last one <3
    Won't forget to send the fairy cards, when I'm a bit better
    Love Kat x

  2. Lovely photos! Nice to peep into your beautiful world!

  3. I love the last picture so much. Mia and Elle look so happy in daddy's hands. Can't wait to see pictures you'll be taking today! x



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