Wednesday 29 May 2013

In her memory box: Mia

Last month, i did a post to show what was in Elle's memory box. This post is to show what is in Mia's.

Mia's memory box was a gift that i was given at my baby shower. Its really sweet and such a lovely sized box for all her things. In the third photograph is a silver bowl and spoon gift for her christening from my aunty and uncle. I don't actually have this in the box, as it is too big, but i keep it on the same shelf as the box. In the fourth photograph, there are her 20 week scans when we found out she was a little girl. In the "The pinks" envelope is an acceptance card from our friends who we asked to be Mia's Godparents at her christening.

We always try to keep every card the girls are given. It is getting a little harder to store them as they grow, so eventually we shall just keep the handmade cards and particular cards that the girls would want to keep. We are lucky in that the girls get a lot of handmade cards so they have them to keep forever. In the seventh photograph is some bunting my aunty made for Mia. It is normally hung up in her room, but i have taken everything down from one of the walls so we can repaint it. She has a friendship necklace that Elle made her, her hospital band from when she was born and a little origami bird that my aunty made her.

Mia got given a lot of wonderful jewellery for her christening day, so we keep them all safe in her memory box until she is older. The next photograph is from when she was at nursery. When Mia was 9 months old, i had to go back to work, so both girls were in nursery two days a week. After a few months, we worked out that we were losing money by paying for childcare so i finished work and became a stay at home mum. I have kept all of Mia's daily record charts of what she ate and did at nursery for those two months. That orange paper with photographs on was from her induction day. The last photographs were from Mia got her first pair of cruising shoes and her first walking shoes.

I love keeping these memories for the girls. I have three memory boxes myself and love to keep little bits in that i can look back on in years to come.


  1. Awww this is so lovely, thank you for letting us have a peek inside <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Love memory boxes. I have them for all three of my children but am finding it increasingly difficult as they get older to let go of stuff. Every little thing feels so precious so I must keep ..or maybe I'm just an obsessive hoarder. x

    1. Oh no, i am the same! i just don't want to ever get rid of any kind of memory at all. I think that is why i love blogging so much as i can just capture as many memories here as i can x

  3. These are such a good idea! My Mum still has a lot of my things from when I was little (my first shoes, paintings, clothes etc) and she kept the newspaper from the day I was born and every birthday I've had since and now I'm 18 so they're stacking up somewhere!


    1. How wonderful! It's great to look back at things x



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