Wednesday 24 April 2013

Little songs: Like crumpled hearts

1. Fail for you - Luke Sital Singh
2. Too late - M83
3. All the big trees - Riceboys sleep
4. Atlast hands - Benjamin Francis Lefwich
5. Underwater - Vertical horizon
6. Bronte - Gotye
7. Only human - Diana Lorden
8. Please don't go - Barcelona
9. Equilibration - Kattoo

My husband told me the other day that most of the music i listen to is "depressing". I guess most of my favourite songs are slow, pull on your heart strings kind of songs. All these songs make me sigh and i wanted to share with you this themed mix. Let me know if there are any you like!


  1. Some of my fav songs on there. Atlas Hands, Please Don't Go, Bronte! Love this playlist!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. I love your playlists and listen to them frequently while I'm in the office.
    There's something magical about slow melancholic songs even if I do like my "noisy" and some cheerful music as well.
    What kind of "nondepressing" music does Gilles listen to then?



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