Friday 19 April 2013

Friday, i'm in love

In the summer, i am shooting my first movie which will finish off my fairy photo series. One of the scenes will be a fairy floating on the water in a lake and i have fallen in love with this dress for the shoot!

I am hoping to make my very own blossom and hyacinth perfume this week. If i manage to make it well, i shall be doing a little DIY on how to make your own flower petal perfumes.

Oh, you know, just another perfectly wonderful dress i would love to add to my collection!

I am excited about attending the Tots100 blog summit in may. I cannot wait to meet with other bloggers!

This week, i started the 30 day squat challenge where you start of on the first day doing 50 squats and then add 5 more squats each day. I have been adding the days amount for sit ups also and i do this little workout just before i get into bed. It makes me feel great and i can feel my legs tightening already!

Elle got her first choice of school this week. She starts in September and i am resisting every urge i have to go out and buy her all the sweet little pinafores but we have decided to make a big day of it for her in the summer and take her out to get all her school essentials. I think i might actually cry when September comes!

I am in love with this bike. I found an old Raleigh Caprice years ago at the tip and called her Fifi. I rode her for a few years but she eventually needed more and more work to her but i am getting a new vintage bike in the next few weeks and i am excited for summer bike rides with the girls and going out in the evenings for little sunset photoshoots.

Gilles has been working so hard in the garden. We have a little grass garden out the back and it had a seating wall that went all around the garden. We decided to take the wall out to give us more playing space for the girls as the garden isn't huge. The wall is now all down, the ground has been sieved and leveled and today Gilles put the grass seed down. Tomorrow, he will finish emptying the garden of bricks and then we can start planting and i can hang up twinkle lights and hanging baskets.

I have found this wonderful recipe over on pinterest and i am excited to try it! It looks and sounds so yummy.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow, we are having a pottering day whilst Gilles finishes the garden and then Sunday, we are visiting my best friends house for the day. A lovely weekend planned i believe!


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see you movie. It sounds so, so dreamy and wonderful. I love that dress you picked out for the shoot :)

  2. Everything sounds and looks sooo lovely!

  3. your own movie AND perfume? That's amazing! Congratulations, busy!



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