Tuesday 26 March 2013

Mimi's birthday

(photos by me)

Mia turned two on Sunday. We didn't have a big party for her, we just had an open house and family and friends could come and go as they pleased. It was lovely. Mia got very stroppy though in the afternoon as she needed to nap and there was too much going on and too much noise for her to stay asleep so we had lots and lots of tears. We took her out in the early evening for a walk in the snow which seemed to cheer her up. Gilles had to work and missed the whole day but he popped back in the late afternoon with helium balloons for Mia to cheer her up and she loved them! She got such lovely gifts and had a great time.

(photos by Hannah Stocker)


  1. gorgeous pictures and presents, love the cake and you shot...what a shame you had so many tears x

  2. Just so beautiful! I love live her tutu and want to feel the fabric so badly!! :) Mia looks like she had a most magical day. Yay for 2!

    Madlyn xxx

    1. Thank you darling girl, and thank you for her presents x

  3. Parties are so hard for little ones! Both of my kiddos slept through their entire first birthdays!


  4. So cute...pretty dress... and many great pics. It is good that you capture almost all here moments, sad and happy. It is going to be so much fun for her to look at when she gets older.

  5. These photos - and your daughter - are beautiful! You've got a new follower :)




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