Friday 1 February 2013


This girl. Her hair. Her eyes. Her LIPS! Love love love.

Mia "Mimi" is now 22 months old. She is growing up so so fast and really isnt a baby anymore. I could write hundreds and hundreds of words about her and how wonderful she is. I just wanted to share a few things that just make my heart flutter about  her.

One of my favourite things to do with this girl is to play her lullabies to her. We lie on my bed and she nestles into me. She rubs the edge of the blanket between her fingers to make her fall asleep. We listen to her lullabies and she just stares up at me until her eyes become so heavy. She even whispers some of the words that she knows to the songs. It is the most amazing thing. She always has a teddy. She tucks it under her armpit and holds its so close. She is the most sweet natured little thing.

She is so girly. She always asks me to put on her tutus or dressing up things. She almost always has a tiara or crown on her head and loves to walk around in fairy wings.

She is so clever. She can string together 5 or 6 words into sentances now. She loves to paint and draw. She is going to be creative, i just know it.

She loves animals. She always holds out her arms to them when she see's them and laughs so hard.

She loves bananas! When i am busy in the kitchen, she holds onto my leg, pointing to the fruit bowl shouting "narna".

She adores her sister more than anything. When Elle is out at preschool. she will sit in her room and occasionally says "Elle Belle? Where you gone?" then sighs and looks so sad. When we walk into her preschool room to pick her up, she runs to her shouting "Elle Belle" so loud and they just have the biggest hug. They hold hands all the way back home.

She still isnt sleeping all that great. I wrote about the struggle here with her sleeping. She does sleep through occasionally to around 6 or half 6 but its mostly 4am get ups with a few wake ups before then. I am adapting to it slightly although i do still feel like a zombie alot of the time still.

She is completely amazing! I am learning more and more about her everyday. She is growing to be such an amazing little thing.


  1. She's absolutely beautiful mama! xo

  2. Mimi you are such a lovely little fairy girl.
    You and your Elle belle have such a bond it's beautiful.
    Lotsa love kat xx

    1. thank you so much darling. I love her and her sister so very much x

  3. Loved knowing more about your special girl, Mimi. What a fun,fancy and darling little friend you have K. :)

    Madlyn xx

    P.S. Mia, i love love bananas too, let's be banana buddies. :)



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