Thursday 14 February 2013

He has our hearts

(words by a fine frenzy)

Valentines can be seen as a day set by companies to make money and i often hear people saying that they don't need a day to show their husband/wife how much they love them. I feel that when you have children, a day like this is even more important. Gilles works long hours and a lot of freelance work on his days off just to provide for his girls so a day where i can shower him in love and the girls can shower him in love and for us to show him how much we really appreciate everything he does for us is a-okay with me. We tell each other we love each other a hundred times a day or more, its constant and still makes me giddy when he says it.

We started today by surprising Gilles in bed with our little handmade love things. I made him this card and a little placecard that says "you have all three of our hearts". Me and the girls then drew a heart each. Elle made him two little key rings out of card covered in drawn hearts and a felt card full of glitter and stickets. We gave the girls a hello kitty surprise bag each and they loved them. Gilles gave me a wonderful card full of wonderful words and then he had to head off to work.

The girls and i have an ice cream float date this afternoon at our favourite little cafe so we are looking forward to that and then i have a stay at home date night with the mr this evening! Oh and the sun is shining! Its perfect.




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