Thursday 20 December 2012

Our gingerbread house

Here is our gingerbread house for this year. Its not perfect but it is just how we like it. Elle completely decorated it herself and put it together. I am so proud of her. I like it even better than last years house! Heck, this one even has its own porch!!!!!!

I hope everything is having a lovely december. We have been very busy and excited for tuesday to come around!




  1. Oh it is somehow nicer than last years I agree!
    Elle is so clever to have put it up herself. She looks so enchanted by it too :)
    We will just be quietly enjoying the day. I'm not sure if I'll make it downstairs but hopefully it will be a nice day. I'm going to listen to radio 4 on Christmas eve as The magic faraway tree is on.
    And re the card, not to worry, I do that too sometimes, just keep it and send another time even if well after Xmas, I'd still like to have it
    Love kat xox

    1. hello darling,
      thank you for stopping by. She is so clever. She is so independant and wants to do everything herself nowadays!
      I am excited to see what her and Mia put together next year as mia will want to help i am sure! it could end badly!!! :S

  2. I think your Gingerbread House looks wonderful!

  3. It looks really impressive and beautiful, congratulations Elle!

    Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

  4. Its so super fun :) And i love the door area :) I think you might be seeing some sugar plum fairies around your house to have a bite :)

    M xx



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