Tuesday 19 June 2012

Vlog: My bedroom

Today, i am sharing a video of my bedroom to carry on with my home tour. I have spent alot of time of our room and have filled it with flowers, beatrix potter things, flower fairies, polaroids and garlands. I have made alot of things in the bedroom and it is such a lovely place to feel calm adn tranquil in. My husband has told me to do what i like in the bedroom but i still need to fit in the tv and the stereo. I need to find some way of displaying them better.

I hope you like my room.



  1. Oh that was beautiful, I feel like I have visited!
    I could spend ages, looking at all your treasures.
    I love how everything has the same ambience, dreamy,
    naturey, and vintage. It's so you and a lovely space to be.
    I really wish I knew how to do these videos and set them to music,
    they're so clever.
    Love kat xxx

    1. oh thank you Kat. that is so loevly of you
      I just use the windows movie maker that comes free with the laptop. Its very simple really. Let me know if you ever need help xx

  2. Lovely, lovely! I do like how you've done this - and the last little bit with the bouncing on the bed, in time with the piano, is just gorgeous!
    You have made your room very pretty and restful. I love it.

    1. Thank you Aunty. I love creating little areas around the house. I want to make our living room more "me" next. Gathering up inspiration x

  3. I LOVE your home! It's so pretty, I'm still working on ours but I definitely use yours for inspiration. And hurray for partners who let us do whatever we want, even though it's not masculine :) xo

  4. This is so pretty!
    i can't wait to one day own a home of my own that i can actually decorate.



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