Sunday 10 June 2012

In a newspaper!

My friend Kelly and her husband have such a romantic story for their wedding. They announced half way through their daughters christening that they were also getting married and no one knew. I did some engagment style pictures for them a few months ago.
Kelly had her story published in the You magazine in the mail on sunday today and along side the story was one of the pictures i took of them. Even though it wasnt a feature on my photography, i still feel as proud as punch to have a photograph published in a national newspaper! I am so grateful also to Kelly for submmitting that picture to be published. Its something to keep and tell the grandkids, thats for sure!



  1. Aw how exciting! It's a beautiful photo xxx

  2. I read this story today in YOU, it was so sweet! Awesome photograph! x

    1. Isnt it a lovely story! thank you for your comment x

  3. Ekk that is just so wonderful :) x



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